Planning your wedding day

“Where do we start?” is a most common question for all the couples that just got engaged. The thing about getting engaged is that suddenly lots of questions commence. Should we have spring wedding or an autumn one? Should we invite all of our third-step cousins? And what about our parents’ co-workers? Should we invite them too? What should our budget be? Which flowers to choose? And what is our wedding style? And it never stops.

The good news is that the first decisions you make regarding your wedding are usually the hardest. The further you go the easier it gets and by the end of your planning process you will see things just falling into place. And this is where we, the Madewithlove team come to help you get through the rough patch.

First things first. The date

There are basically two things to keep in mind. Weather and availability. You don’t want your guests to sweat through the whole ceremony-reception-dinner time. Neither do you want it to rain on your big day. On the other hand, you will soon realize that the cooler months are sought after, and therefore we strongly advise you to reserve the venue and book your wedding vendors as soon as possible.

You should also think twice before marrying on a public holiday. Although it can be super fun and festive, your wedding date is something you will celebrate for years to come because it has some meaning for the two of you and not because it’s New Years Eve. Just as important is that on public holidays, many guests may not be able to attend.

If you opted for religious ceremony you need to check if the church performs weddings on that date. 

The budget

Whether your budget is massive or minuscule, many of your decisions will depend on finances. It is important to get the most out of your budget and that is why you need to decide which areas are more important for you. Would you spend a fortune on a gorgeous dress? Or are you a foodie that will go for a fancy catering? Or just splash out on incredible decor?

A good start would be to keep in mind the amount you would like to spend on this magical day. The rest will come step by step, and many questions that plague your mind will be answered gradually. Remember that all the top designers and stylists suggest that no matter how much money you have to spend, it’s never enough (and that is no surprise!) . On the other hand, this special day can be just as majestic as you imagine it with good budget handling and the right professionals by your side … which of course, the Madewithlove team, is here to help you find.

The guests

People are always the most important thing, and this is especially true with weddings. The decision on whom and how many guests to invite depends on you alone.The only important thing is to be surrounded by the people that you want to be there when you get married. Though you should keep in mind that a lot of your further decisions, and costs, will be based on the number of guests. We also understand that here in Cyprus, the parents almost always take the liberty of inviting a couple hundred of extra guests. Not much can be said on this, except that you sometimes need to remind to your parents that this is your wedding and not theirs.

Madewithlove advice is to follow your heart, and choose freely the people you want that special day by your side, not just trying to keep up with a number.

The venue

Once you have an estimate of your reception and dinner guests, start your venue search. First thing to consider is the location. Take into account the convenience of your guests and the cost to them as well. The easiest way to go around it is to find something within your city limits of where you and most of your guests live.

Another thing to consider is a type of venue. Do you want indoor or outdoor wedding?

With buffet or a set menu? Or maybe you want your own custom menu? Keep in mind that a lot of conventional wedding venues will have a lot of restrictions. Beverage restrictions, noise restrictions (applies to most hotels where late night noise is not appreciated) or a mandatory caterer.

Here we are to help you — just visit our venue list and get quotes with just one click.

In each venue profile you will find a full description of what a particular venue is offering.

Planning a wedding is never easy. It is an ongoing process that takes months if not years, and at the very best overwhelms even the most decisive person, no matter how sure they are of what they want and what kind of experience they plan to offer to their guests. However, when the above aspects mentioned in this article are taken care off, you are well on your way to making this journey a lot easier. Congratulations!