3 Types of Roses that you can include in your wedding decoration

Roses are an international symbol of love and one of the most common flowers in every wedding. But did you know that there are actually several types of wedding roses you can choose from for your big day? If you’re thinking about using this iconic blossom in your wedding décor, there are 3 basic types of wedding roses you should know about.

Here are 3 types of wedding roses you need to know about for your special day.

Sweetheart Roses

Among the different types of roses available, Sweetheart roses are truly something unique. The term sweetheart rose was originally a nickname given to specific types of garden roses distinguished by their miniature blooms. Sweetheart roses are available in traditional colors such as yellow, red, orange, and white. Their petite size makes them easier to incorporate into small floral arrangements and wedding hair accessories. Their continuing popularity is proof that good things often do come in small packages. Despite being smaller than the average rose, sweetheart roses are considered a specialty flower, which could mean a higher cost for you in the long run.

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Old Garden Roses

Also known as heirloom and antique roses, old garden roses are classified as any variety that existed before the late 19th century. Old garden roses are prized for their strong, heavenly aromas and are also known for their size, which is larger and fuller than the standard rose.

These types of roses are a gorgeous option for classic, romantic, and vintage wedding styles, since they have a high petal count and bring a lush, timeless feel to your decor.

This first group of Old Garden Roses contains five individual classes and all bloom only one time a year: Gallica, Alba, Damask, Centifolia, and Moss.

The second group of heirlooms contains six classes and all are repeat bloomers: Chinas, Bourbons, Hybrid Perpetuals, Noisettes, Portlands and Teas.

Tea roses are one of the most popular varieties of old garden roses, and they grow in pastel colors like white, pink, yellow, and apricot orange. This rose variety produces blossoms with high centers and outer petals that roll back, creating a pointed shape around the edge of the flower. Centifolia roses are another common variety of old garden roses and are recognized by its dense petals that swirl out from the center of the flower to create a lovely round shape, which is why they’re often confused with peonies!

Keep always in mind that your wedding florist will ultimately provide plenty of guidance based on your personal needs.

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Modern Garden Roses

The modern floral industry has created a demand for roses that can be grown in mass quantities and are more versatile than old garden roses. That’s where modern garden roses come in. Unlike old garden roses, modern roses are often grown in greenhouses, providing florists with year-round supplies. Modern garden roses offer more colors, repeated blooming seasons, and longer stems compared to old garden roses. As a result, these flowers can be more affordable and easier to source for your wedding, depending on the specific variety.

One of the most popular types of modern roses are the Hybrid tea roses. You can find Hybrid tea roses in a big range of colors, which is why they’re frequently used as wedding roses. Along with pastels, you’ll find these types of roses in red, burgundy, and unique two-tone color varieties.

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